The Love Doctor's June 2019 Photo Shoot

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'Sub-rosa' - Very Discreet

Being very discreet, I expect the same from you. Privacy is very important, and for the sake of my clients, as well as myself, I need to keep my identity a secret.
My name is Leo, I have created that name more than nine years ago, and that is my name as your male escort, and always will be. :)

However, my other name remains a mystery - I may be Jack, John, George, Bob, or Ethan. My family don't know that I am an escort, neither do all except a few of my most closest and trusted friends, or the people in my local community. How do I manage that? Don't worry, I have it covered :)

I am a very private person, as I am a professional in this industry, and privacy is important. When someone sees me in the street, or in the supermarket, they know me by my other name, and wouldn't have a clue that I'm Leo, and that's how I like it, and how it must be.

If you are lucky enough to know more about who I am, I am eternally grateful to you for keeping my identity secret...
Let me be your Secret Lover.... :)